Quality management lifecycle is one of the most challenging areas of any organization. It’s a repetitive process and is monitored from time to time by internal and external professionals. It takes excessive efforts and documentation to implement and practice quality standards and maintain them periodically. Regardless of all efforts to maintain certified quality standards, organizations make it a point to adhere to the best practices and follow the latest compliance guidelines to stay ahead in global competition.

Have you ever thought of organizations that are responsible to monitor scope of your quality systems and award you that one final piece of document called “Certificate of Compliance”. A task that is more complicated than implementation of quality standards and documentation.

How complex will it be to maintain and deliver flawless assessments of someone else’s compliances and put your credibility on stake?

Webian Technologies offers a complete state-of-art enterprise platform “QML” for such accreditation and certification bodies. QML expedites the process of precise assessments across diversified programs simultaneously along with real-time monitoring for internal quality processes.

CB’s can plan and execute audits using smart pre programmed checklists that can help their audit teams to track positive and negative findings, which are predefined in the standards interpretations.

QML’s internal ‘Alert Monitoring System’ is one of its many unique features loved by quality managers worldwide. It is completely scalable and can be configured as and when required to accommodate tons of programs simultaneously without compromising any guidelines.

The inbuilt process intelligence makes it easy to represent complex data combinations and generate views in various text and pictorial representations for quick analysis on the go.

Along with core QML platform, Webian Technologies offers multiple satellite systems that can be integrated with each other in a very efficient manner.Understanding the need of time, Webian has developed mobility solutions that can be used during onsite assessments and save drastically on time spent in audit execution.