Online Certificate Verification System is an online certificate verification service offered by Webian Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for verification of genuine certificates. To start with, Webian has selected a few certifying bodies and a few services mainly focusing on domestic and international commodity logistics. To name a few industries, Webian presently is focusing to cater certificates for Fumigation of cargo and Quality and Quantity survey of cargo..

How does OCVS work?

Webian issues a 2D Bar code for every certified document which can be printed while the document is being printed. This bar code has an embedded code within it along with a web link. On scanning this bar code, it redirects the user to the authenticity test page of OCVS portal. User can instantly see online, if the certificate is genuine or not. There is a possibility to see the further details of the certificate if the issuing body / company has authorized a user to do so.

Advantage of this service is that, even if an unauthorized copy of your certificate is made and misused, including the bar code, at any given point of time, the reference data is stored on the system with all details which will always mismatch in case of a forged or duplicated certificates. This makes OCVS a complete fool-proof system and the only solution for verifying a genuine certificates globally at a click. Moreover, it is a perfect alternative to maintain a backup of all your issued certificates and is a smart choice over the conventional hologram based certificate.

How does OCVS helps your business ?

Companies or bodies issuing certificates can offer enhanced customer services by inviting their clients, vendors, consultants, bankers etc to have access to the online information and electronic copies of these certificates. This will work as an add-on services, provided at no extra cost to your customers. There are advance versions which also lets you set up an online certificate application format. The online certificate application process drastically reduces turnaround time errors in other conventional ways of communication including email requests. Your customers can request their certificates online with every detail selected from a pre defined choice of options and also take a preview of the final certificate before confirming his request. Provision to upload electronic copy of supporting evidence is available for your customers.

Who can use or register for OCVS ?

We look upon OCVS as a very promising service platform to go long way in the coming days for online certificate verification. Currently, to start with, OCVS can be used by various companies, bodies, agencies etc, a few of them are listed below .

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  • Fumigators
  • Shippers
  • Buyers
  • Cargo surveyors
  • Sampling laboratories
  • Port authorities and Quarantine departments